Welcome to the website of CBPro, Costa Blanca Properties. We are developer and broker in the sale and construction of residential properties in the best locations in the Costa Blanca.

Our vision
CBPro intents to be more than an average developer. CBPro assists its clients in the entire process, from the first moment that a home on the Costa Blanca is desired up until the realization of the house –and even thereafter- with the our main focus that the client can enjoy the new home and the beautiful Spanish life to the full extend.

CBPro only works with renowned architects and construction companies. Our clients expect the highest quality and tailored service (from the negotiating table to – if desired- even years after purchase). We provide that. Our clients can rely on the nearly 30 years that we operate in the area of ​​project development.

Buying an existing home or building your own?
The chance to coincidentally find a house that entirely matches up to all your needs, is very slight. A new house the other hand gives you all the possible options that you can think of, and is built with modern materials in your taste.

The homes being built today in the Costa Blanca area are significantly better and more expensive than the homes built 10 or 20 years ago. The reason is that nowadays the latest and most sustainable materials available in Central Europe are used for the building of new homes.

In the eighties and early to mid-nineties, mostly simple cottages were built and bought. In recent years, the demands however have increased enormously. More and more there is a demand for all-year residences.

Most buyers don’t move to the warm shores to settle here fulll time, but they do come here more often. This requires a home that offers a pleasant living environment during all seasons. Even the best remodeling remains only a renovation. Without warranty.

During construction, however, you can incorporate all your wishes and ideas. This allows you to get the best living environment in your dream house on the sunny coast of The Costa Blanca. With full new built warranty for a period of 10 years.

Feel free to contact us to inquire the possibilities.

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